MCSCGA Handicapping Procedures

The MCSCGA Handicap Director downloads - at least monthly - updated handicap indexes from the Golf Handicap Network website for league play. Course handicaps are calculated and put into play with the exception of Mondays falling on the 1st or 15th of any month.

Retrieval of a USGA Index:

Each active member of the MCSCGA may retrieve his USGA Index from The Golf Handicap Network. There he may view details about his index including his rounds used for its calculation, and can cut out a wallet-sized USGA Index card if that page is printed.

Be aware: the MCSCGA does not strictly follow USGA rules of golf play such as moving ball in fairway being played, raking and replacing a ball in bunkers, the leaf rule, and our out-of-bounds/lost ball rule. As a result, the MCSCGA indices are probably lowered by 2-3 strokes as compared to other leagues.

Calculation of a course handicap:

To calculate a course handicap, open the USGA Handicap Calculator and enter your USGA Index, and the slope factor of the course you wish to play. PCC handicaps may be calculated by using 121 as the slope factor for PCCs white tees. Because the maximum value of the USGA index is 36.4, the maximum handicap at PCC becomes 39.

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