Stableford Point Quota Tournament Rules

The Stableford scoring system is a stroke-play format in which the highest - not lowest - point total wins. Play is handicapped by calculating a Point Quota for each member using his PCC handicap.


1. Record strokes for each hole (needed for tiebreaks);

2. Record points for each hole;

  • 1 point for a bogey;
  • 2 points for a par;
  • 4 points for a birdie;
  • 8 points for an eagle;
  • 0 points for a double bogey or worse!

3. Report 18-hole point totals for each player.

4. Scorecards must be dated, signed and attested.

Tournament Directors:

Place golfers in tournament flights according to their point quotas. Winners of each flight are identified by the highest net points - the difference between the total point reported on a scorecard and a point quota based on a PCC handicap. Point Quota = [39 - minus PCC handicap].