MCSCGA Tournament Prize Structure

Weekly Tournaments

1. All scorecards - signed, dated and attested by members - must be legible and placed in the scorecard box at PCC by 3:00 PM. To meet this requirement, at least two members must play together.

2. For a tournament to be official 26 players or 1/3 of the membership, whichever is less, must complete 18 holes of play in the tournament.

3. A Tournament Director will enter all scores; sort playing members by their handicaps; divide the players into flights; and finally sort each flight by net scores to identify winners.

4. Awards are determined at the discretion of a Tournament Director but generally, 1st place in each flight is awarded $9, $5 for 2nd place , and $3 for 3rd place. Ties for 1st place get $7, and ties for 2nd $4. Ties for 3rd place are broken by comparing net scores for hole #1, #2 etc until a winner is determined.

5. Winnings are tallied for the entire season and then distributed at the year-end award luncheon as gift cards.

Away Tournaments

Several times each year we conduct tournaments at courses other than Princeton. We usually have limited tee times available so we establish tee times on a first come first served basis. Prize money, as in a weekly tournament, is awarded if more than one-third of the membership participates.


In 2015, a Spring Scramble was added. Scramble teams with four or three members are allowed to play. $15 will be awarded members of the 1st place team, $10 for 2nd, and $5 for 3rd with $10 for closest-to-pin and for longest drive. Cash awards for the final scramble may be higher.

League Champions

Starting with the 2015 season, MCSCGA League Champions will be identified by averaging their scores over the entire season at Princeton Country Club. To qualify for either the Low Gross or Low Net categories, a member must have submitted at least 10 scores of stroke play at Princeton Country Club. (18 holes).

Stableford Point Quota Tournaments

Since 2014, we will play one or two Stableford Point Quota tournaments. On each scorecard, golfers must record strokes per hole AND points per hole where 1 point is obtained by making a bogey; 2 points for a par; 4 points for a birdie; and 8 points for an eagle. 0 points are recorded if a double bogey or worse is made. A Point Total for 18 holes must be reported by each golfer on a signed and dated scorecard. Winners for each flight will be identified by their number of Net Points, the difference between a golfer's Total Points and his Point Quota. [Point Quotas are calculated by subtracting PCC handicaps from 39.]

Four Club Tournament

This stroke-play format, added in 2015, requires that each member carry only four clubs - any four clubs. If a putter is not carried, members are responsible for marking the distance between his putter head and grip on the club that will be used instead.


1. At the year-end luncheon, awards for the season are distributed:

  1. MCSCGA League Champions - Low Gross 1st and 2nd place.
  2. MCSCGA League Champions - Low Net 1st and 2nd place.
  3. Most Improved Player 1st and 2nd place.
  4. Founders Award (Executive Board Decision)

2. Gift Cards for members season winnings.