League Bylaws


Bylaws                    "Proposed April 2019"

1) The name of this body shall be "Mercer County Senior Citizens Golf Association" (hereinafter Association).

2) Any male resident of Mercer County, New Jersey, who is 60 years of age or older may become a member of the Association. Up to 5 out of County players may participate in the league as individually approved by vote of the Board.

3) Annual dues shall be $65.

4) A Traveling Team shall be selected from the membership to represent the Association in the New Jersey Senior Men's Golf League (hereinafter League) against other traveling teams from other senior golfing associations from around the state. The Traveling Team shall be governed by the regulations of the League and shall receive no financial support from the Association. Selection to the Traveling Team shall be at the discretion of the Captain of the Traveling Team pursuant to the regulations of the League.

5) Elected officers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice-President, and a Treasurer. Election of officers shall be held at the end-of-year Awards Meeting, and their terms of office shall be for two years beginning the day following their election.

6) The President shall, as he deems desirable, call meetings, appoint special committees, and perform all duties and responsibilities generally commensurate with the status of president and chief executive officer of an organization. He may also, as soon as practicable after his election, but at his discretion, appoint a Tournament Director, a Rules Director, a Handicap Director, a Webmaster and a Traveling Team Captain for the coming year. These appointees may, if desired, but need not, solicit helpers from the membership for assistance.

7) The Vice-President shall perform special tasks assigned to him by the President and shall act in the place of the President when the President is unavailable to do so. The VP shall also assume the role of the Social Director and make all necessary arrangements for the preseason Planning Meeting, the post-season Awards Meeting, and any other special social events which the Executive Committee shall approve,This includes selection of Trophy Vendor, preparation of the trophy order and arrangement of its pickup. Also the VP along with the Treasurer will be responsible for the collection and documenting dues payments on the Members Roster file.

8) The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all funds received and disbursed by the Association, shall maintain the financial records of the Association, and shall maintain a checking account in a local bank to be chosen jointly by the elected officers. The President and Treasurer shall have single signatory authority to withdraw funds from the account.

9) A standing Executive Board shall consist of the three elected Officers and any presidential appointees made pursuant to paragraph (6) above, and shall meet at the discretion of the President for the purpose of conducting general business matters of the Association.

10) The Tournament Director shall prepare and distribute a schedule of various kinds of tournament competition to be used as the weekly format of play of the Association, and shall conduct the tournaments including the scoring, designation of winners, and allocation of prize money awarded thereto.

11) The Rules Director shall generate, maintain, and distribute a list of rules of play of the Association as provided for in Paragraph 19 below. He shall also interpret all rules questions and decide all rules disputes involved in Tournament play.

12) The Handicap Director shall maintain the scoring records of the Association for handicapping purposes and arrange for Handicomp handicap cards for each member or a suitable alternative thereto as approved by the Executive Committee. He shall also rule on all handicap questions.

13) The season of play shall preferably be contained within the months of April through October and shall consist of approximately 35 regular tournaments, each being held on at the Princeton Country Club Golf Course or other Mercer County Municipal Courses.

14) Each regular tournament shall produce one or more winners among whom shall be divided a selected amount of the available tournament fund. The number of winners each week and the amount of prize money awarded to each shall be at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Also at the discretion of the Tournament Director, prize money may be awarded either as cash or as credit for purchases at the Pro Shop or other retail establishment.

15) All Tournament play shall be governed by USGA Rules except as modified by local Princeton Country Club Golf Course rules and any special rules of the Association approved by the Rules Director.

16) These Bylaws may be amended at the annual postseason Awards Meeting by a majority vote of the membership present there at. Bylaws may also be amended at the annual league breakfast meeting by a majority vote of the membership present.