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Mercer County Senior Citizens Golf Association

New Members Guide

The Mercer County Senior Citizens Golf Association welcomes Mercer County residents 60 and older to join in fellowship and competition. From April through October, tournaments are played each Monday at Princeton Country Club, Mountain View GC or Hopewell Vallet CC. Away-tournaments are played on Thursdays at other Mercer County courses and a few neighboring courses. All tournament prize money and a league handicap are covered by a $65 annual fee.

In 2021, new members will be assigned to either Group A or Group B, each group rotating monthly among Princeton Country Club, Mountain View, and Hopewell Valley.

Scorecard Submission

  1. To be valid, scorecards must be dated, signed and attested. This requires that at least two members play together.
  2. Photos of your front and back 9 scores (taken from 8-12 inches - including signatures) should be submitted to:    
  3. Please attach both photos to the same email message.
  4. And add “PCC” or “MV” or “HV” to the subject line.
  5. Copy your playing partners, so they may view and check your submission.
  6. We suggest that photos be emailed before leaving the course.
    1. Expect an immediate “Got It” auto-response.
    2. Later, expect 👍👍 from a tournament director when gross scores have been accepted.

Membership Benefits

1.Assigned Monday tee times for members who play regularly.

2.Web access to MCSCGA information, notices and tournament results.

3.Free Kick-Off Breakfast and season ending Award Luncheon.

4.A league HGHS handicap maintained by Handicomp.

5.Opportunity to join the Princeton Travel Team for an enjoyable match play experience at other New Jersey golf courses.

New Members will be added to the active Roster after annual dues of $65 have been received. Dues may be paid to any MCSCGA Officer or left at the Princeton CC pro shop desk. Please provide your address, email address and phone number on the back of your check.

IMPORTANT: Please play by the rules and encourage your playing partners do the same. The players in your foursome are competing not only against each other but also against all other members in other foursomes, so there can be no mulligans.