League Rules



Prefered Lies

1. A ball, lying on the fairway of the hole being played or the collar of its green, may be lifted and cleaned without penalty and placed within one club length of where it originally lay, not nearer the hole, so as to preserve as nearly as possible the stance required to play from the original lie.

2. A ball lying in a bunker may be lifted and cleaned, the sand raked, and the ball replaced as near as possible to the original position without penalty.

3. A ball off the fairway but not in the woods lying on bare earth may be lifted and dropped, without penalty, to a grassy area no closer to the pin, this provision cannot be used to avoid any obstacle to the pin.

Ball Out Of Bounds, Lost, or in Water Drainage

1. One stroke penalty. Stroke and distance will not apply. Players are limited to 3 minutes to search for their ball. For example, a ball that has crossed an Out of Bounds marker, or is off the golf course property, can be dropped within 2 club lengths of where it crossed the boundary. Similarly, a ball lost in the rough may be dropped in a mutually agreed area.

2. All balls must be marked for identification and shown to an opponent. If a ball cannot be identified, it will be considered lost with a 1 stroke penalty.

Leaf Rule

If a ball is lost in leaves, and except for the leaves, it likely would have been found, a second ball may, without penalty, be dropped and played from the point where the first ball was presumed lost. This rule is invoked by a Tournament Director during the fall season.

Princeton Country Club Local Rules

1. A ball in a canal behind any green may be dropped within two (2) club lengths of point of entry into the hazard even though the point of drop is nearer the hole, penalty one stroke.

2. Hole 13: Relief area for a ball into the canal will be located at least 30 yards from the front of the green, penalty one stroke.


To be valid, score cards must be signed, attested and dated with at least two members playing together.

Inclement Weather

1. For a tournament to be official, there must be signed and attested score cards presented for the complete round of play.

2. In the event the island holes at PCC (holes 13-17) are closed (flooded or unplayable) for any portion of the league play, the league tournament will be reduced to 9 holes of play (holes 1-9).

3. If fewer than 26 players complete the round, all eligible players will be grouped into one flight for prizes.

On The Green and Conceded Putts

1. Any spike or ball mark may be repaired.

2. A putt may be conceded any part of the ball rests within the distance between the heel on the putter, when placed in the cup, and the bottom of the grip on a standard length putter.

Gold Tees at PCC

After notifying a Tournament Director, players - 80 years and older - may play from the gold tees at Princeton Country Club. Scorecard must be marked that gold tees were played.

Maximum Scoring

In order to speed up play, the maximum score on any hole will be double par: Six on a par 3, eight on a par 4 and ten on a par 5. When you reach double par, pick up your ball and move to the next tee.

Pace of Play

It is expected that a round of golf should take 4 hours 20 minutes. The rangers at Princeton Country Club will monitor the pace of play and warn a foursome when they are more than one hole behind. On the third warning, a tardy group will be asked to pick up their balls, giving everyone a double par, and move forward to the next tee.

Failure To Follow League Rules

If a league member is continually warned about failure to follow league rules, he may be removed from play

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