Scramble Rules


Scramble Tournaments will be either Member Selected Teams or Special Scramble Formed Teams. The special scramble is called by the tournament director and the intent is to play outside your usual groups and teams are formed based on individual handicaps. Teams may have 4 or 3 players but not 2. Rules will apply to away courses.

Changes for 3 player teams from past years : Team will NOT be imposed a 3 stroke "penalty". However the 3 player teams will not receive a extra shot (4th shot) after each team drive, shot or putt.

Score Card and Selected Drives: Each golfers tee shot must be selected at least three times during the 18 holes. Applies to threesome or foursome team. The score card will list all players and will indicate by hole which players tee shot was selected and must show at least the three selected tee shots for each player. Card will show score by hole, signed, dated and attested.

Team handicap:The MCSCGA scramble formula adopts a suggestion found in the USGA Section entitled: "Scramble and Skins Handicap Allowance". The handicap of a 3 man team is calculated by summing 25% of Player A's handicap (lowest) + 15% of Player B's handicap (next lowest) + 10% of Player C's handicap. The handicap of a 4-man team is the sum of 20% of player A, 15% of Player B, 10% Player C and 5% of Player D's handicap. The formula will not calculate a team handicap for only two players.

Format of Play:

All golfers of a foursome or threesome will hit a drive from the tee of the first hole. The foursome or threesome will decide which of the drives they want to play. The other team members pick up their balls and play them within one club length (no closer to the hole) of the marked spot of the select tee shot. Each one in the foursome or threesome will then hit a second shot from the location of the chosen drive. Ball can not be moved from rough to fairway. rough to fringe or fringe to green.

This procedure is followed on every shot for the remainder of the hole, including putts. The ball should be marked on the putting green. Putts need to be placed within 3 inches (putter club head) of the marked spot (no closer to the hole). The first ball to go in the hole is counted for the team score.

You may lift, clean and place your ball within one club length on the selected shot; however, you may not move your ball out of a hazard. In the bunkers you may lift, rake, and replace the ball.

No gimmes or mulligans and the "leaf rule" does not apply during Scramble play.

Make sure you know the basic procedures of a scramble. Ask someone if you are in doubt.

CONTESTS: Princeton CC

Closest to the Pin: the nearest the pin on hole 4 and 13...*

Straightest Drive: on Hole #18...*

Longest Drive: longest drive hole #8...*

* For away course holes to be determined